The steel frame construction

The steel frame construction is a way to build that uses heat-rolled steel shapes. To strengthen the building foundation, roof and walls that form a part of the steel frame, the builder uses it. It’s because of steel frame structures that made the construction of long edifices possible. We can say that it is adding value to construction. There is not a single way to construct these steel frame buildings. Based on their structures, steel frames are of three types.

Types of Steel Frame Structures
These are also known as prefabricated steel frame structures. There are various types of steel frame buildings construction, but some of them are following:

Traditional Steel Frame Construction
TIn traditional steel frame buildings, workers cut the steel in the required size and piled them together to get the required steel frame structure. Right from steel cutting to final structure building, workers did everything on the site. It was a worker-oriented way of construction. Sometimes, they divided the work between the workshop and the construction site. It was to save their valuable time.

Bolted Steel Frame Construction
In this, the manufacturer focuses on bolting rather than welding. First, they produce and paint the bolt oriented steel frames and then send them to the construction site. On the site, workers only

need to bolt those frames. Further, it gives them a final steel frame structure. Builders prefer bolted steel frame buildings over traditional steel frame construction. The reason is, most of the work in bolted steel construction finishes in the workshop speeds up the construction process. Pre-built structures are the steel frame structures that a manufacturing company transfers to the builders for on-time construction.

Light Gauge Steel Frame Construction
Light gauge steel frame construction is the latest steel frame building technique and is famous for constructing steel frame houses and small housing structures. Initially, only big countries like America and Europe had adopted this approach. But now, spreading its legs to other countries. This house building technology is quite similar to the wood-frame building, but they are not alike. For example, light gauge steel is thin steel sheets that can easily take shapes like C, L, L Z etc. It was not possible for wood-frame structures.

Where Do We Use Steel Frame Structures The Most?

The famous and advanced steel frame construction has multiple utilizations. Some of them are following:

  • Builders use steel frame structures to construct skyscrapers. It is because of its unbeatable strength, buildability and lightweight.
  • Builders can use it for commercial purposes. It offers space at an affordable price to conduct routine business operations.
  • For storehouses, steel frame buildings work as the best alternatives. It helps in maintaining the correct temperature inside the storage house.
  • Steel frame construction is the fastest and reliable way to build residential properties. This Low-cost steel frame house offers strength, durability and an eco-friendly atmosphere.
  • In case of emergency space needs, steel frame structures perform the best.

Which is Best in Welded and Bolted Steel Frame Structures?

There is always confusion about using Welded and bolted steel frame construction. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. So, here are some factors that can help you decide which type to choose.

Construction Time

Bolted-steel frame structures take less time to produce than welded ones. The reason is, it just needs to be bolted using already screwed holes. It secures valuable time on the site. Welding takes more time as it follows a long process to combine the frames.

Cost of Construction

Cost is a necessary factor that determines ultimate surplus. Choose a technique that gives you quality results in your budget. The cost of steel frame construction relies on the scale of the project. Welded steel frames initially cost high for a large-scale project but fall within the budget later. On the other hand, for small scale projects, bolted steel frame structures are more economical.


Bolted steel frame structures offer more flexibility than welded steel frame buildings. It’s just you need to open up the bolt and replace it. That is not possible for welded steel frame structures. It requires cutting it down into pieces to replace it. It can be a tiring process.

Take a wise decision while choosing between types of steel frame structures. Consider all the pros and cons and check what suits your project and budget the best.

Features of Steel Frame Structures

  • High in strength as compared to concrete and wood.
  • Durable and hard
  • Immobile
  • Best for steel frame houses and steel frame buildings
  • Fire and termite resistance

How to Evaluate the Value of Steel Frame Buildings?

Steel structures indeed offer low-cost steel frame houses, but the thing is what decides their cost. Yes, there are many factors that determine how much a steel frame house will cost. It includes internal and external cost factors both. Changes in those factors significantly affect the cost of steel. Builders can control the internal factors, but it is tough to determine external factors. It ultimately increases or decreases the cost of steel frame construction. However, there could be any internal and external elements that directly affect the cost of construction, but some of them are following:

Internal Aspects

  • Dimensions of steel frame buildings.
  • The purpose behind construction like if it is for commercial use or residential use.
  • Any specifications need to be added.

External Aspects

  • Running steel cost.
  • Project deadline and complexity of structure.
  • Available workforce.

How does Prefabricated Steel Frame Construction Support Cost Saving?

Steel frame buildings cut down almost half the cost of construction. Earlier it was a time consuming and expensive process too. The introduction of pre-built steel frame structures has exceptionally changed the construction process. It speeds up the construction to a great extent.

Not only this, but steel frame construction also provides a life not less than 50 years to buildings. Apart from this, it also offers a 20+ years warranty on paint.

Do you get a warranty on concrete and wood made buildings? Probably no

When a builder offers a warranty, it shows the reliability of the material. Also, the user will not regret the decision to invest in steel frame buildings.

Although steel is an economical and long-lasting material for construction, not all dealers maintain quality standards.

At SIDPL, we maintain all quality standards and believe in long-lasting construction. Must choose a reliable partner for your project.

The cost of steel frame structures differs from place to place. You may find it expensive at one place and cheaper at another. It includes factors like the cost of labour, building size, intricate steel structures, thermal bridging etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we construct a steel frame?
Steel frames produced by rolling heat-processed steel. It is easy for the heated steel to take a specific shape like C, L, I etc. You can cut down heated steel at any angle. Steel frames are a vertical and horizontal arrangement of steel sheets. It requires fire protection, without which it can lose strength on coming in fire contact.

What are the various shapes dealers use for steel frame structures?
Dealers can give various shapes to steel frames such as C, L, Z, I, T and others. It also includes fence shape, steel rods, studs and joists.

What are the disadvantages of Steel frame structures?
Steel frame buildings need protection from fire. In increased temperature, it can lose strength. It faces de-shaping issues in overload situations.

What are the various types of steel frame construction?
Here are the various types of steel structure framing:
● Skeleton Steel Framing
● Long Span Steel Framing
● Wall Bearing Steel Framing.

How do we construct steel frame buildings?
Following are the steps for the construction of steel frame buildings.
● Set up the base and give a perfect place for anchor bolts.
● Join the particular bolt to the vertical structures.
● Combine the horizontal structure with vertical structures.
● Fix the trusses on the base.
● Jack up trusses into the vertical frame and attach.
The final structure is ready.

How do we construct steel frame buildings?
Following are the steps for the construction of steel frame buildings.
● Set up the base and give a perfect place for anchor bolts.
● Join the particular bolt to the vertical structures.
● Combine the horizontal structure with vertical structures.
● Fix the trusses on the base.
● Jack up trusses into the vertical frame and attach.
The final structure is ready.

What are the types of steel frame structures?
● Inflexible steel frame structure
● Adjustable steel frame structures
● Slanted steel frame structures

What is the thickness of a steel frame?
Steel frames come with a thickness between 12 to 14 meters. Mostly, these steel gauge benefits in the case of multistorey buildings. It is it’s appropriate thickness that makes it hold a building load.