A widely used construction method, the light gauge framing system offers faster, reliable, and more durable constructions. Customers always search for an economical solution that completes work in a said timeline.

Light gauge framing system is a widely accepted technique that turns ideas into reality for customers. Both for builder and customer, it creates a win-win deal.

Now, what is LGFS (light gauge framing system)?

Light gauge steel framing is a proven technique that applies cold-formed steel as raw material.

Builders mainly use it for roofing systems, walls (load/non-load bearing), floor truss etc.

Also known as green constructions, LGFS is a great way to promote sustainability.

A leading name in the construction industry, SIDPL offers light gauge steel structures in adherence to environmental standards. We strictly follow environmental norms and avoid practices that harm the ecosystem.

What is the meaning of going green in construction?

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Going green means builders adopt practices that avoid construction at the cost of the environment. In light gauge steel framing, construction does not interfere with the natural flow of nature. Both of them work together in harmony.

Light gauge steel comes with a wide range of features that have given it worldwide acceptance. It is a multi-purpose material that makes it perfect for building a house, office, academic institution, etc. A property is eco-friendly if it passes the following standards.

  • Avoid depletion of scarce resources like wood and water.
  • It can be regenerated and reused.
  • It must avoid the use of harmful material.
  • Follow environmental standards.
  • Adjust as per the changes in the environment.
  • It must add value to the environment and improve the well-being of people.
  • It must be cost-effective.

Reason Why the World is Moving Towards a Light Gauge Framing System?

Advantages and applications of Light gauge steel frame systems (LGSF)

Life gauge framing systems are a trend for faster, reliable, and eco-friendly construction. The conventional construction method harms the environment because it uses wood, concrete, and brick.

Light gauge steel structures use cold-formed steel that makes them lightweight. The low-weight steel reduces the burden on the foundation and provides strength to the building.

With these prefabricated light gauge steel structures, builders do not need to make extra efforts on the site.

Keeping its benefits in mind, here are some reasons why the world is moving towards a light gauge framing system:

Overcome Construction Wastages-: Light gauge steel structures require no effort on the construction site. Manufacturers ready them in the factory that avoids material wastages on the site. Apart from this, it supports easy compliance with the quality standards.

Pace up Construction Speed-: In this method, builders use prefabricated light gauge steel structures that ultimately lower the construction time. In traditional construction, speed was a big concern.

Easy to Regenerate and Reuse-: This is one of the best qualities of cold-formed steel that we can recycle. It saves the cost of raw materials for future construction. As an energy-saving material, it encourages endurability.

Freedom in Designs-: Light gauge framing system allows flexibility in designs. No matter what type of design a customer wants, light gauge steel takes the required shape and size. So customers get designs plethora for their construction work.

Withstand All Weather Conditions-: Buildings that use light gauge steel framing can withstand unfavourable weather. It offers the best result even in earthquakes. It is a flexible material that can handle environmental changes easily.

Excellent Strength to Weight Ratio-: In comparison to other materials of construction, Light gauge steel offers the best strength to weight ratio. Further, its lightweight improves the transportation and handling on the construction site.

Protection against Insects and Disasters-: These light gauge steel structures do not endure fire and offer security against unwanted tragedy. Due to its high strength, it can resist natural disasters. Also, it does not attract termites which was a big concern in woodworks.

Durable-: The use of light gauge steel offers durability to the buildings. The light gauge framing system helps a building perform well for a long-lasting period. Also, it requires low maintenance.

Some Drawbacks in Light Gauge Steel Framing

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  • Light gauge steel gets weaker on coming in contact with fire. To protect it from fire, manufacturers use a fire-resistant coating.
  • It requires thermal insulation.
  • It left space for the sound that further requires soundproofing for better results.

Points to be Kept in Mind While Building Light Gauge Steel Structure

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Get in Touch with Right Steel Dealer

Light gauge steel framing saves time, and it starts with finding a reliable steel dealer. You may get many dealers in the market, but you should check out their experience in the industry.

Steel structures building involves a step-by-step process that requires all sorts of care. The first step is to find a light gauge steel manufacturer who offers the best of his services in your budget.

For this, you can take the opinions of your family and friends who have earlier used the services. It will help you avoid the trap of a fraudulent steel dealer.

Go through the reviews and feedback of people who have used the services. Ask every single detail from the dealer that you have in your mind. If you do not know anything about construction, the dealer must not feel it.

Read all the terms and conditions of the agreement carefully to avoid any conflict in future. All these things will probably secure the best dealer for you.

Check out the Building Layout

The building layout is a crucial thing that helps you decide the overall designs of the building. Of course, you will start by determining the area needed for the particular construction. It includes the head office, warehouse, shipping bay etc.

Apart from this, must decide the purpose of construction or building facing. For example, you may use a light gauge framing system to perceive nature as it is. It may be due to proper sunlight and fresh air.

Choose Best Insulation for Buildings

Light gauge steel framing leaves space for sound, heat, electricity, and fire that requires proper insulation. So, it is necessary to check out different insulation options available for steel structure insulation.

We have always observed that a modification in energy takes the best insulation material.

To save the light gauge steel from fire is very important. It can lose its strength on coming in contact with fire. On the other hand, insulation also works as soundproofing while working with steel structures.

Other benefits of insulation include energy-saving, cost-saving, and noise cancellation. So, always go for the best insulation for your building.

Opportunities to Extend

Every business starts with a vision to grow in the future, and expansion demands space. Exploring space costs money and the effort of construction.

But if you use light gauge steel structures, it clears up all the blocks of space extension. You can expand the same space using a light gauge framing system. It does not pressurize the foundation.

All these points will help you get the best light gauge steel building.

At SIDPL, we offer the best solution to our customers that always matches their needs. Also, our dedicated team connects with customers and offer them the best assistance.