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At SIDPL, we bring innovation to your door by providing the best LGSF building construction services.

What is LGSF?

LGSF is giving a new face to traditional ways of construction. It is a technique that uses cold-formed steel as raw material for construction. LGSF is an eco-friendly way of construction that offers an excellent strength to weight ratio. Also, light gauge steel is far more reliable than wood, concrete and other materials. It has endless applications.

The best replacement for wood structures, LGSF buildings offer design flexibility. Due to the versatile nature of LGSF structures, it becomes easy to give them the size and shape that a constructor wants. Also recognized as cold-formed steel, light gauge steel is low in weight, making it perfect for holding heavy loads.

At SIDPL, through our dedicated team, we offer excellent LGSF building solutions that perfectly fit customer needs. We have an existing system to have complete control over the production of LGSF structures from beginning to end. We aim to deliver solutions that customers want within a said deadline. We believe in providing quality solutions at the right time at the right place. Apart from this, LGSF building costs are lower than wood made structures.

What Best We Offer

  • Prebuilt LGSF Structure.
  • Ready to use structures for sites
  • Best designed buildings
  • Hygienic space
  • Manufacturing as per need
  • Real-time installation Assistance
  • Sandwich roofing and wall panels
  • Easy to assemble light gauge steel panels

Advantages of LGSF Structures

Good for Environment

LGSF(light gauge steel framing) is an effortless way of building eco-friendly structures. It is a tough competitor for wood, concrete and hot rolled steel made buildings. Manufacturers use light gauge steel in the roofing systems, wall systems and come with a layer of protective material. LGSF buildings use environment-friendly components.

Less in Weight

Light gauge steel is a cold-formed type of steel that makes it significantly lighter than hot rolled steel, wood and concrete. Further, LGSF affects the cost involved in laying the foundation. It is the best option to avoid additional floor weight on a building.


One of the best qualities of LGSF is that it is inflammable and helps avoid fire tragedies. However, it may lose strength on coming in contact with fire, but zinc coating can protect it.

Comes in Best Shapes and Quality

At SIDPL, we manufacture the best quality LGSF structures that provide exceptional strength to buildings. Also, its outstanding “strength to weight” ratio makes it the best material that complies with all the quality standards.

Easy Recyclable and Follow Zero Waste

LGSF reduces waste to a great extent. Ultimately, It waives off the cost of waste management. Apart from this, all the types of steel are recyclable that finishes the need for extra material. Light gauge steel recyclability plays a role to avoid the consumption of natural resources. They are already limited in quantity.

Deploy Best Technology

Being a successful LGSF manufacturer in India, we use the best technology to design the exact steel structure you need. Right from walls, roof, floor, joists to studs all show the excellence of our designing software.

Speedup the Construction Process

Earlier construction was a slowdown process, But the LGSF structure has changed the complete picture of the construction industry. These prefabricated structures save half of your time on the construction site.

Flexibility of Designs

You may want a particular structure for your building. LGSF offers flexibility in designs that further saves the destruction of other nearby buildings. Such ease in designs makes it a gem for the construction sector.

Maintain Moderate Room Temperature

Whether it is summer or winter, LGSF buildings maintain the right room temperature throughout the year. Refreshing room in summers and warm space in winter, what else one plans while building a property.

Traditional building materials did not offer this excellent quality.

Offer Secure Construction

Light gauge steel made buildings offer a safer construction environment than others. It gives you more control over the construction process. It was not possible in the traditional construction methods.

Avoid Termites and Corrosion

LGSF buildings offer safety against termites and corrosion. It is not possible in the case of wood made structures. Resistance to termites makes it an option to deliver longevity to properties.

Fits into Required Parameters

LGSF structures can fulfill all the required parameters. Ready-made light gauge steel structures perfectly suit the faster construction environment. Also, these structures come with a self screw that makes these structures self-adjustable.

Earthquake Resistant

As it offers excellent strength to weight ratio, LGSF structures show earthquake resistant properties. It is the foremost need of a building; it provides security against natural calamities. So you can trust light gauge steel made structures for protection against earthquakes.

Best for Infill sites.

LGSF structures are economical and do not interfere with the natural flow of life at infill sites. So it made construction possible in areas where it was a difficult task earlier.

Free of Poisonous Substance

In these exceptional LGSF structures, manufacturers do not use toxic material while producing it.

SIDPL, as a pioneering LGSF manufacturer in India, offers customized solutions to clients. Through our determined and expert team, we understand what customers exactly need. Most of our prefabricated solutions perfectly suit the needs of construction companies.

Here are some utilization of LGSF structures:

      • Aeroplane hangars(used to protect from bad weather, to repair, to produce or store the aircraft)
      • Best to protect from external heat and cold both.
      • Emergency health care center
      • Trading centers like a grocery store
      • Housing development
      • Ready-made structure for school/college classrooms
      • Economical residential option
      • Wallboard
      • Smart stay solutions
      • Prefabricated bathroom unit
      • Prefabrication solution to use at construction sites.
      • Excellent support to hold solar panels
      • Instant hotel solution
      • Best for multi-storey buildings.

Why SIDPL for Your LGSF Solutions?

Years of Expertise

At SIDPL, we work with a team holding years of expertise in designing the best LGSF structures. We always proved our excellence in delivering expert LGSF solutions. With our complete control over the development process, we support uninterrupted construction.

Real-Time Assistance for Queries

Our real-time customer service solves a query as soon as it occurs. We understand that the installation of LGSF requires knowledge, so we develop simple solutions that one can install easily. We achieved this by continuously learning from our experiences.

Surprising Service Packages

Yes, it is true. SIDPL offers packages that include LGSF building solutions and other additional services. Our additional services ultimately make packages super surprising for our valuable customers.

Exceptional Knowledge of Technology

As a leader in the industry, the SIDPL team stays updated about the latest technology in developing the best of LGSF structures. Our experts believe that every problem has a solution and tackle every hurdle with a positive mindset.Right from LGSF structure design to turning ideas into reality, SIDPL achieves this using advanced technology.

Unique Execution

Right from LGSF structure development to its installation, we comply with the international quality standards. Construction is a tedious task that requires the protection of the workers too. By delivering safe and reliable LGSF solutions, we offer your worker a safe work environment.